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School Nurse

Welcome to the Parkwood Health Office!

My name is Rachel Brucker, and I have been at Parkwood since fall 2014. My background has been primarily in public health, communicable disease, and community health. I work with the Parkwood staff to promote student learning by doing my best to keep students healthy, safe, and engaged.

Nurse Paula Williams or I will be working Monday through Friday, 8:00 am – 3:30 pm. Feel free to contact us in any of the following ways:

Phone: 206-393-4153


Fax: 206-393-4158 

Or stop by my office (in the back area of the front office)

Please contact me if there is a change in the health of your student, or if you have any questions.

News from the Nurse

Date: March 21, 2023

Parkwood families - we have had a number of students out with a “stomach bug”. This is likely caused by a very infectious virus like norovirus, which can cause vomiting, diarrhea, stomach ache, and loss of appetite. If your student has these symptoms, please keep them home. They need to be at least 24 hours fever- and vomiting-free before they return. Please keep them home to let them rest and not spread illness to others, and encourage good hand washing!

We are also seeing a number of students diagnosed with strep throat, especially in the 3rd grade. Common symptoms include pain with swallowing, fever, and swollen tonsils. Strep throat usually does NOT come with a runny nose and cough, which are common in other causes of a sore throat. If your student has these symptoms, please keep them home and contact their healthcare provider. A test is needed to diagnose strep throat, and antibiotics are usually used to treat it. Students with strep throat may return 12 hours after they start antibiotics, when they have been fever-free for 24 hours, and when they feel well enough to be in school.